måndag 21 april 2008

Rodwulf from Ranrike

Keaton, the oldest scandinavian in the western world litterature, mentioned bye his name, is Rodwolf (Rudolf) from Ranrike in Bohuslan.

Was Rodwolf a Goth or a herule? And who was Ran? Which name is the oldest: reich or rike? Which people is oldest, the swedes(08)or the goths?

From Jordanes, Getica 24:
"...Ranii. Quibus non ante multos annos Roduulf rex fuit, qui contemto proprio regno ad Theodorici Gothorum regis gremio convolavit et, ut desiderabat,invenit."

Translation to americano:
"and Ranii, over whom Roduulf was king not many years ago. But he despised his own kingdom and fled to the embrace of Theodoric, king of the Goths, finding there what he desired."

Why, tell me why, a man despises his own kingdom? There nust be a reson. Maby Roduulf was - from the beginning - a prisioner of war? A sort of hyperbore/herule whos was prisioned of a Gothic islandtribe...and then...after hard struggle and cunning...become their king...and then suddenly become fedup and vomit on them...and then moved to Rome och Teodorik...and later...through the british islands...maby danmar...returne to The North See...for revenge the attack on his childhoods kingdom of islands (örike).

this story, this story...
(Stellan says with Snorre that Östfold in Norway i sjävla verket är Bohuslan)

(The Myth of the North See)

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