onsdag 23 april 2008

What is a good bar?

A café, a pub or a bar inside a Restaurant. A room, a meetingplace for music, conversiosion, dancing and entertinment, rather than a disco. A piazza with some walls around it. A room you feel like home inside where you often have your own favorit spot, sometimes even a "stamtisch". (Normally bars don´t have given places, so you never know where to stand or sit down.) Well, I call it from now on a bar.

So what is a good bar? I guess it is a place where you learn about life. Or learn to practice things that you learn in school or home. To dance, to talk, to paint, to listen, to flirt, to meet people from your own culture, and people fron different cultures than your own. Women? Yes, off cource, women. But also farmers, stockbrockers, painters, terrorists, turists, local politcans, thiefs, prisets, soldiers, policemen, journalists. Women. Small girls whit there parents, old ladies with there doughthers, and weemn so beutful that it is hard to handle the situation. For many years I only read poetery and hanged on bars.

Time to leave
Some people only go in a bar to meet their own friends. These kind of people I count the first, second and thierd time I come inside of a bar. If they are more than 80 perecent I leave. I do not need bars with people that do not whant to comicate whit me.

Poetry and bars
If you whant to learn to know the culture of a countre or a countryside, the best metodh is to read there poetry or visit their local bar. Soon you have both all the information you will need. That was a little bit my filofosy when I visit all the bars. Maby a got this line in a bar. Maby I rad it in persian poem. When you start to drink to much you maby forget all the other qualityes of a bar.

Bars hard to forget
The Spanjard
Polly Maggoo
Bar della Pace
Cafe Einstein
The Soho-bar

Slumberland - Nolhotten - Der Jungel (1) - Rosa Luxenburg - Heidelberg Pub(?) Dan Thurel - Duni in Dunquin -
Huset - Kloster

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