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A bar in Soho in New York 1978

I forgot the name of the best bar I visit in my whole life. Or the second best bar. No, it was the best. Best for dancing at least. Oh, whats the name of it? It is a shame that I can´t remember. A bar in Soho in New York 1978

Can you please help me! That was the reson I mailed you. maby you have a fiend that remember better than you? Please le me know.

Maby if I tell you a story about that Soho-bar, you will remeber it. What to tell? When I dansed with Liza. Liza Smith. Liza was from Spring Valley. Maby you know her?
Have you been i Spring Valley Please do not hit me! In Parisin a bar, Polly Maggoo, some month before a english fotballguy told me that his was from Liverpol. So I asked him: - Maby you you know the Beatles? His fist passad to the ritht of my cheek. Thank God Heven left us, standing on our feets. My my my...

No, It was not "The Kitchen", no no, it was a small bar i the south Soho in New York City. It had a entrense a little bit like the Veuvio Bakery. But I remeber no colurs. It was allways dark when I arrieved. 1978. CBGB. The Police. Studio 54. Jim Jones had just comit sueside when I arrived to Kennedy Airport. The guy next to me, Jörg, on the flight from Franfurt was taken bye the police; he predtended to play flute on his chillum for the passpolice. Do not joke with the police in New York, Runa, they told me, my friends in West-Berlin. Because they do not like it. So I was very sinsered. I reed about Jonestown in my first New York Times while the bus went in to Manhattan. My heart start to pump when I saw the Skyline. And after some weeks died Sid Visius. We met Sex Pistols in Chelsea Hotel. But that´s an onther story. Everyting seems to be an an other story, says my wifte. Anyhow, The Bar laid on a crossroad to the main street, maby West Brodway, maby somewhere around Grand Street. Are you wiht me? Ho do you do do!

Amigo, I tell u this...It was a none living area. Pretty loousy. Emthy streets. Scary. I allways took a cab down to Soho. People told me to be careful. I lived on a pension, on the 34 street. Someting like that. Freaky people. And I have no whife. And I loved to walk Canal Street and Bowery when I was drunk. I nearly got killed. But only tree times. The rest of the time was peaceful. People in New York liked me, the said I was a balettdancer from Russia. Sometimes I looked like David Bowies smallbrother, sometimes like Mick jaggers smalla brother. I was not so freaktout, but I was very tensed. My firts walk on the Fifth aveny during daytime was a hell. I thougt somebode gona kill me. But nothing happend. J had read to many papers about the danger of New York City. Then I becoed bord of beeing afraid and walkend evereywhere day and night.

I belive they where renoveiting the Twin Towers, which you could catch a glimps of outside The Bar. In sommertime, they told me, everybody where dancing in the street otside the bar. They used to have some tables on the pavement. But I was there in the winter. So we dancend inside. And how we danced...

If you can help me finding the name of that bar J shuld be happy. Because tha bar is the best bar i my lift. I meet Liza there. We danced all of the night. Some days later I went out to Lizas home in Spring Valley. Her boyfriend narely killed me. How could I know? Let me tell you a little about The Bar. I was just a room, with a bardesk and biljardadtabel in the mittle of the room and a jukebox. You think I am joking, but I am not, I don`t have a fogtraphic memory I have a telepatic memory. And that bar was the only bar with a biljardtable, a jukebox and a small small dancing floors. All the nightclubs i NYC was illigal these days, but people on the dancefloor use to telle where to go when The Bar closede around midnigt.

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